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St Leonards Railway
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  • mercoledì 26 gennaio 2022

St Leonards Railway

St Leonards Railway Engineering Company – Case Study

The rail sector has made significant progress to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. As of August 2021, Transport Focus claimed 80% of users are now satisfied with the cleanliness of trains, and 87% feel safe using them.
Since the pandemic, huge emphasis has been placed upon transport services and consumer confidence in hygiene standards, safety protocols and biosafety from the very start to the very end of passenger journeys.

The industry itself is a multi-billion-pound trade in the UK, however, there are many common and persistent challenges facing it. This includes placing comprehensive focus on each element of the train upkeep in equal measure, from exterior, interior to depot maintenance.
Fortunately, Zep offers a wide and comprehensive range of products to help train operating companies meet the high standards required for this industry.

We travelled to Hastings, UK, to meet John White of St. Leonards Railway Engineering Centre to explore the most effective and reliable products Zep has the offer.

We first explored the problem of exterior train care together.

A consistent problem for train companies is the fine layer of contaminants that cover a vehicle after use, particularly those travelling higher speeds. The very film layer of contaminants lie on top of the train's exterior as a grey film. Washing alone might not always be enough to fully remove this film.

We used Zep’s Red Magic to tackle this issue. Red Magic is a versatile hard surface cleaner and degreaser. This popular product cuts through heavy and stubborn traffic film and ensures a streak-free surface on a variety of hard surfaces including: bare metal, painted surfaced, glass, tarpaulins, concrete and others. Red Magic works by simply spraying the product onto the surface, allowing it to penetrate and dissolve, before quickly rinsing with water to leave a lasting clean and shine.

Red Magic is also suitable for overall depot maintenance. The expertly developed formulation can be used in floor scrubbing machines and power washers and is cleverly designed to split into interceptors, separating oil and water. This product is perfect for saving rail companies time and money.

With the depot and external body surface clean and ready to go, we moved internally to look at the biosafety of the train’s interior. Every year, 1.8 billion people in the UK travel by rail [i] – and every day millions of passenger journeys rely on hygiene standards and security to keep them safe. You can rely on Zep’s products to ensure safety and hygiene is paramount.

On surfaces such as handrails, tables and buttons, to protect from a range of bacteria, fungi and viruses, we suggested St. Leonards Railway Engineering Company use Zep’s Debac RTU. Our Debac RTU is a popular product amongst both our industrial and institutional sectors due to its reliable sanitising function. The convenient, ready to use product cleans, sanitizes and also removes undesirable odours in one simple operation.

For windows and mirrors within the train’s interior, we used ZepVue RTU: a fast-acting highly efficient cleaner for glass, mirrors and many other surfaces. This product rapidly eliminates dust, fingerprints and dirt, but also tackles more stubborn deposits including grease stains, fingerprints, nicotine and grease.

From a seat to a chassis, switchgears to stations, Zep offers effective cleaning solutions throughout the rail industry, saving you time, offering value for money, delivering upon your commitments, and, not only meeting, but excelling the standards you insist upon.

Zep’s comprehensive rail sector product range provides the best service solutions, innovative products and state of the art technologies which ensure the highest levels of cleanliness are consistently delivered throughout. Find out more in our new rail brochure:
[i] Network Rail, 2021 (

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