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Scaffeze Plus - Kirk Scaffolding
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  • martedì 16 maggio 2023

Scaffeze Plus - Kirk Scaffolding

Safety is the main priority in the scaffolding industry, due to the risk involved with working at height. Maintenance is key to achieving a safe working environment, and our mission at Zep UK is to hold this to the highest standard. For over 25 years Zep has supplied businesses across the UK with a dedicated range of scaffolding-focused products, led by Scaffeze Plus, which are formulated to keep you and your employees as safe as possible.

In recent weeks we visited Kirk Scaffolding, who have been using Scaffeze Plus for 20 years, to find out how this has benefited their business and why it has remained at the top of their maintenance consumables list, “Out of all the products we have tried, Scaffeze Plus is by far the best. Other products we tried just evaporated and don't do what they were supposed to, whereas this product stays on the nuts and bolts. Many also use diesel as a lubricant, which can be incredibly dangerous, so Scaffeze Plus is definitely a safe alternative”.

Our visit began with the team showing us how they use Scaffeze Plus, by pumping the product into a spray bottle, coating the fittings and fixtures and instantly being able to unscrew rusted parts before setting them aside ready to be sent out again. “When using Scaffeze Plus we definitely have less servicing to do! When they come back sometimes we just need to turn them around, restack them and send them back out. If they’ve been out for quite a while, say 6 months, or by the seaside they will need servicing as they tend to rust up.”

The team made us aware that Scaffeze Plus has drastically improved the longevity of their equipment, stating “it definitely reduces the amount of parts we have to replace! If the parts won’t turn and you try to force it, especially because everyone has power tools now, it’ll rip the nut off and if it’s rusty you’ll just snap it. However, when you spray it with Scaffeze Plus and give it 5/10 minutes to search down the threads, it’s back to new again.”

Scaffeze Plus is available in 20L and 210L. For more information please click the link: Scaffeze Plus

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