What is the European Ecolabel?

The Ecolabel is the European environmental certification mark for products and services. It is a voluntary certification granted to products and services that meet environmental and performance criteria established at a European level. The mark is therefore a certificate of excellence granted only to products and services with a low environmental impact. The criteria are periodically reviewed and made more restrictive, in order to promote continuous improvement of the environmental quality of products and services.

Why choose Ecolabel?

The Ecolabel mark is a competitive advantage for the manufacturer, offering increased market visibility and an expansion of the target client base. The label, which is valid in all European countries, allows manufacturers to make use of a distinctive element, synonymous with environmental quality and performance, which can highlight their products/services on the European market and attract consumers who are conscious of environmental considerations. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and attention to environmental factors in a market which is increasingly sensitive to such issues.

The European Ecolabel gives the consumer a guarantee that the product has a low environmental impact compared with other products on the market, and that it has undergone strict tests in order to ensure environmental and performance quality.

By choosing Ecolabel products or services, consumers are helping to improve the environment, by having the option to select eco-friendly products. They receive transparent, credible information and can buy products verified by an independent body that contain no components that are harmful to health.

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