Zep: quality and safety, guaranteed by the NSF®

NSF® (National Sanitation Foundation) is an independent international organisation that develops quality standards to protect health and the environment. In the food industry, NSF has now become a worldwide agency synonymous for reliability and transparency for both producers and consumers. NSF registered products meet with the highest possible safety standards and that is why they are preferred by major companies.

Trusting one’s production cycle in the food industry to NSF registered products means choosing security and quality.

Fully understanding and supporting this choice, Zep has created a range of products that are all NSF registered, for the most common maintenance requirements in the food industry. Solvents, detergents and lubricants that meet the strictest NSF standards and are therefore safe for the user without losing effectiveness. Choosing Zep as a partner gives reliability on a range of high quality, safe and effective products.

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Zep has two production plants and commercial branches in Europe (UK and Italy) with various distributors both in this continent and throughout the rest of the world.

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