Crossrail choose Zep UK products to clean London’s newest railway

Zep UK are proud to be key product providers for Crossrail for 70 new trains being built by Bombardier. The trains will run on the Elizabeth line which are expected to serve 200 million people each year, stopping at 41 accessible stations.
Screenwash is a wash additive and anti-freeze which helps to remove road film, insects, oil and other dirt. The formula prevents freezing down to a temperature of -20ºC. During adverse winter weather conditions Screenwash disperses ice and snow from windscreens. Read on to understand how Zep UK came up with a ground breaking solution for the rail industry and the story behind it.
Bombardier first trialled Zep’s original Kleen Screen product and authorised its use on the London Underground. However after new standards were set in place by the Office of Rail & Road (ORR), the product was deemed as too reclassified flammable for the rail industry. The Research and Development Team at Zep reformulated the product and developed a new screen wash which was accepted by the ORR’s new standards.

When Crossrail were looking for products to use for their newest Bombardier fleet, they were pointed in the direction of Zep UK. Zep UK further developed the solution to suit Crossrail’s industrial needs after severe winter conditions in early 2018 made screen wash freeze. The problem was that the screen wash reservoirs in the trains were too small as Crossrail trains hold 100 litres of screenwash and return to the depot infrequently to refill. To avoid this problem for Crossrail Zep UK developed a formula specifically for Crossrail to save time.

Chris Burnett, Director for Zep UK Sales and Service said “ This is a really exciting development to be involved in with Bombardier, London Underground and Crossrail. We are proud to have the technical know-how and ability to come up with solutions for the needs within an individual industry to improve their operational efficiency.”

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Zep UK is a branch of ZEP Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia (US) since 1937, a leader in auxiliary chemicals for civil and industrial maintenance.

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