ZEP UK is the United Kingdom based branch of ZEP EUROPE, which has its Headquarters in Aprilia, Italy. ZEP EUROPE is in turn a subsidiary of ZEP Inc. from Atlanta, USA. Since its inception in 1937 ZEP has been a leader in the production of chemical products for industrial maintenance.

Zep has operations in many countries around the world. Every day more than 300,000 satisfied customers use a total of over 4,000 Zep products to make their jobs easier. The breadth of Zep’s commercial cleaning product portfolio provides customized, superior solutions to a range of industry sectors that includes transport, water treatment, food & beverage, paper & cleaning, hotels, construction and maintenance.

Whatever your chemical cleaning requirements, Zep UK, through our knowledgeable reps and high quality products, will find the right solution for you.

our history

1937: in the 1937 Mandle Zaban borrowed $6,000 from his life insurance policy. Together with his brother Sam, William Eplan and Sam Powell, Mandle launched Zep  Manufacturing Company. First year sales totaled less than $100,000.

1970: Harry Maziar worked in the insurance business for a while, and then tried his hand at the grocery business and laundry business before landing a job a Zep sales rep.  Within five years he became the first director sales of Zep. 

1980: during the 80’s Zep’s rapid growth under Maziar continued. More branches were added and those braches along for new products further spurred zep’s growth. The customer base expanded to over 300,00 active customers.

1990: Zep’s Atlanta factory is an imposing multi-buildings complex totaling 600,000 square feet of complicated mazes of pipes. 55 raw material storage tanks and 37 mixing kettles. It is here where plant workers blend more than 1,000 different products each year.  

2000: it was a year of change. It was the start of a new decade, but at the same time was also the end 20th century. Changes were aplenty at Zep, as Richard Manning  became the company’s seventh President.

Today: two noteworthy events in Zep’s recent history include  partnering with both the Georgia Aquarium and the Atlanta  Braves to become their “Official Cleaning Products supplier”. Zep is proud to have its products earn such honors.