Zep specialises in the manufacture of products dedicated to a wide variety of industries. This expertise has been built upon a long and successful relationship with our customers.
To aid you in finding the right product for your particular requirements, all of our products are divided into industry sectors. Please click a sector below to find a list of sub-categories of products for that particular industry. Alternatively, please use the search page or search bar at the top of this page to find an individual product.


This section of the catalogue contains the products and equipment used in general industry. Zep’s full range includes solutions for general cleaning, nuclear decommissioning, degreasing, rust removal, lubrication, metal protection, floor cleaning and odour control. [...]

Water Treatment

High quality products for the treatment of drinking water, rinse water, cooling, swimming pools etc. Zep’s range of products includes scale removers, flocculants, biocides, steam generators, etc. [...]

Food & Beverage

Powerful hygiene and cleaning solutions for the food processing, beverage and dairy industry. Zep’s products include carbon removal, foam cleansers, sanitizers, lubricants etc. [...]


Zep provide a range of cleaning and maintenance solutions for hotels, councils, hospitals, prisons, restaurants, kitchens, etc. to support the proper implementation of the HACCP guidelines. [...]


Zep has extensive experience in various transport sectors and has built a range of solutions for the automotive, aviation, railway and marine industries. From interior and exterior cleaning to maintenance and winter products, Zep has the right product and equipment for the job. [...]

Buildings & Construction

This section contains a comprehensive range of solutions for the construction industry. Zep provides superior products and equipment for scaffolding, wall cleaning, graffiti removal, protective coatings and sealers, floor care etc. [...]

Professional Cleaning & Maintenance

All-round professional range of quality products for use in areas such as waste treatment, hand hygiene, sanitation, air-conditioning, air-freshening and general maintenance. [...]

Paper & Safety Equipment

Zep offers a wide range of cleaners and non-woven paper products. Together with wipes and various dispensers, these provide the perfect solution for quick cleaning, sanitation and maintenance of sectors such as packaging, hotels, and community facilities. [...]